2002 Two Towers Full Collection - 52 Stamps

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This popular Lord of the Rings Stamps: Two Towers Full Collection features an outstanding selection of 52 magnificent stamps showing leading characters in pivotal scenes from Peter Jackson’s award-nominated ‘Lord of the Rings: Two Towers’ movie. It represents exceptional value especially when several of the included Two Towers stamps are now out-of-print (OOP) and the only other way to obtain all these items together is the Two Towers Ultimate Collection which includes six sheets of 25 stamps each.

Full Collection includes 8 first day covers, 6 maximum cards, 150 gummed stamps...
Complete contents of Two Towers Full Collection

The 2002 Two Towers Full Collection includes 52 TT stamps - one each of the following items:

• Presentation Pack - 18 stamps in deluxe folio containing self-adhesive set, Rohirrim gummed first day cover and six miniature sheets,

• First Day Cover: Self-adhesive - 6 denominations on an Isengard envelope,

• First Day Covers: Miniature Sheet - 6 large stamps each on a Meduseld envelope,

• Maximum Cards - 6 postcards with first day postmarked gummed stamps,

• Stamp Booklet - 10 self-adhesive stamps in various denominations, and

• Mint Stamps - 6 gummed stamps, one in each denomination: 40c, 80c, 90c, $1.30, $1.50 and $2.00

Cover of presentation pack has info on first day cover, self-adhesive stamps, miniature stamp sheets and the film production
2002 Presentation Pack cover has additional details and facts about
The Two Towers stamps and the Middle-earth races it portrays
actual size: 8 1/4 H x 28 3/8 W inches; 21 x 72 cm
click on images for larger closeups

THIS POPULAR COLLECTION includes the Presentation Pack contains 18 different stamps: the First Day Cover (FDC) affixed with six definitive gummed stamps and first day (Dec. 4, 2002) cancellations, definitive self-adhesive stamps set of six with ‘Two Towers’ film logo, and complete set of six Miniature Sheets featuring crucial scenes and key actors from ‘The Two Towers’ motion picture. Six Maximum Cards of different designs with first day cancelled gummed stamps affixed, six Miniature Sheet affixed to FDCs featuring Éowyn on the steps of Meduseld design, distinctive FDC featuring Isengard destroyed design with six self-adhesive stamps in different denomination affixed, a compact Stamp Booklet of ten self-adhesive stamps, and six Mint gummed stamps complete the Two Towers Full Collection. Bundled with your set is an Official ‘Two Towers’ Stamps leaflet celebrating this epic seven-year production - making this an ideal gift and a wonderful introduction to stamp collecting. Also an earlier now OOPThe Fellowship of the Ring’ set was issued in December 2001 and a third ‘The Return of the King’ set was released in November 2003 to commemorate ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy.

2002 Gummed FDC

2002 Self-adhesive FDC

actual size: 4 3/4 H x 8 1/16 W inches; 120 x 205 mm
click image for close-up

First day cover with six gummed stamps and December 4, 2002 cancellation postmarks
Gummed envelope with Rohirrim refugees trekking to Helm’s Deep; included in Presentation Pack.
First day cover with six self adhesive stamps and December 4, 2002 cancellation postmarks
Self-adhesive envelope features Isengard transformed into a wasteland under Saruman.

THE NEW ZEALAND Post 2002 philatelic release of ‘The Two Towers’ is the only stamp issue endorsed by the film’s director, Peter Jackson and officially licensed by New Line Productions. Brought to life by Sacha Lees at Weta Workshop - one of the same creative team that won two prestigious Oscars and BAFTA Awards - it represents a superb and unique opportunity to commemorate their impressive cinematic achievement. They are only available in NZ and as last year’s ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ stamp issue sold out much earlier than anticipated, we recommend you don’t delay purchasing too long or you may be disappointed. If you missed out on the ‘Fellowship’ stamps - check our eBay page or contact us for details about our ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ auctions.

2002 Maximum Cards

actual size each card: 4 1/8 H x 5 3/4 W inches; 105 x 145 mm
click on cards for larger images

Thumbnail of max postcards - click to enlargePostcard designs - 40 cent: Aragorn fights in defense of the Keep at Helm’s Deep, 80 cent: Legolas Greenleaf (Orlando Bloom) joins Aragorn and Gimli in tracking Uruk-Hai who captured Merry and Pippin, 90 cent: Saruman (Christopher Lee) and Gríma Wormtongue (Brad Dourif) tell assembled troops of coming victory over Mankind, $1.30: Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) magically reappears having sheds his grey mantle to be reborn as Gandalf the White, $1.50: Ringbearer Frodo Baggins (Elijah Woods) and his unshakable friend Samwise ‘Sam’ Gamgee (Sean Astin) watch Faramir battle Easterlings, $2.00: Stone fortress of Helm’s Deep - Rohirrim prepare for impending attack.

Click here for full size individual images and more detailed descriptions of Two Towers maximum cards and affixed stamps...

ALL ITEMS ARE new and your Two Towers Full Collection ships in several professionally packaged mailers. Both the Maximum Cards and First Day Cover Miniature Sheet sets come in clear archival-quality protective sleeves, and the Presentation Pack is sealed in a heavy-duty clear protective slipcase with enclosed items individually mounted inside archival-quality clear pouches permitting easy removal. Front cover of Presentation Pack features embossed silhouette of The Fellowship ready for battle on brown background, with the Official Movie logo and large One Ring in gold and brown. Presentation Pack measures 8 1/4 H x 28 3/8 W inches; 21 x 72 cm when fully open, and folds closed to 8 1/4 H x 9 1/2 W inches; 21 x 24 cm.

SAVE ON SHIPPING with discounted or FREE* shipping when you are the winning bidder on several of our auctions. As a special bonus, in addition to a complimentary ‘Two Towers’ colour leaflet, your Two Towers Full Collection will be mailed using additional ‘Lord of the Rings’ stamps on the outer packages.

Two Towers Self-Adhesive Stamps Sheet

actual size: 2.36 H x 5.7 W inches; 60 x 145 mm
click image for closeup

Set of six self adhesive stamps with official LotR: Two Towers logos

Sheet with complete set of 2002 self-adhesive stamps and official ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ logo; included in Presentation Pack.

2002 First Day Covers - Miniature Sheets

actual size each envelope: 4 3/4 H x 8 1/16 W inches; 120 x 205 mm
click envelopes for close-up
Eowyn on steps of Meduseld first day cover with Frodo miniature sheet and Dec. 4, 2002 cancellation postmark

These six FDC envelopes feature Éowyn on the steps of Meduseld, each affixed with one of six different ‘Two Towers’ miniature sheet stamps with first day cancellations. A separate set of six unmounted miniature sheets are included in the Presentation Pack.

2002 Miniature Sheets: Two Towers

actual size each: 2.56 H x 4.53 W inches; 65 x 115 mm
click stamps to enlarge

set of six miniature stamps40 cent: Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) enjoys a walk with Lady Éowyn of Rohan (Miranda Otto), 80 cent: Orc raider - one of a pack riding Wargs, 90 cent: the wizard (Sir Ian McKellen) thought dead - reappears to The Fellowship as ‘Gandalf the White’ in Fangorn Forest, $1.30: Haradrim soldiers who march under the banner of a black serpent - also known as ‘Easterlings’, $1.50: Frodo (Elijah Woods) and Sam are captured by Faramir’s men, $2.00: Éowyn on the steps of Meduseld in Edoras.

Click here for full size individual images and more detailed descriptions of Two Towers miniature sheets...

2002 Stamp Booklet: Two Towers

actual size: 10 1/16 H x 2 3/8 W inches; 255 H x 60 W mm
click booklet for larger photo

Inside booklet showing 4 x 40c, 2 x 90c, 80c, $1.30, $1.50 and $2.00 self-adhesive stamps

Stamp Booklet contains a varied selection of all six official self-adhesive stamps in a special ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fold-out collectable design - ten examples in 4 x 40c, 2 x 90c, 80c, $1.30, $1.50 and $2.00 denominations.

Rear of Maximum PostcardsMaximum Cards: Picture postcards which have an illustration relating to the stamp affixed, and a postmark on the picture side of the postcard. The three elements - postcard illustration, stamp and post mark relate but are not identical. Reverse (shown at right) has standard message and address sections, and postage paid imprint over a map of The Fellowship’s progress.

First Day Covers: Pictorial envelopes which are issued and stamped with a specifically-designed cancellation that is only used for that day and issue. The cancellation postmark for this First Day Cover is a stylized One Ring encircled by the words ‘The Two Towers, First Day of Issue, 4 December 2002, Stamps Centre Wanganui New Zealand’.

Miniature Sheets: Regular perforated stamps set in an attached illustrated panel showing the origin of the stamp, each of which are derived from key scenes in ‘The Two Towers’ motion picture.

Additional Info: Loose gummed and self-adhesive stamps are unhinged mint (UHM), First Day Covers (FDC) and Maximum Postcards are unaddressed. Technical details are available. An earlier now OOPThe Fellowship of the Ring’ set was issued in December 2001 and a third ‘The Return of the King’ set was released in November 2003 to commemorate the ‘Middle earth’ movie trilogy.

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