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Discover pictures, photos, maps, lyrics, mp3s, video clips, RPGs, games, books, dictionaries, wallpaper, fonts, and even ringtones on the wonderful sites listed below. There are many who are fanatic about The Lord of the Rings and lands of Middle-earth in general, and the Peter Jackson helmed LotR Movie Trilogy in particular. Compiled here are links to sites concerned with both topics. Do contact us about others we may have overlooked or you feel should be included. Updated: 24-Jan-2011

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Movie Trilogy

Ain’t It Cool News: Awesome movie site and good companion to Dark Horizons (see below).

Dark Horizons: *** Find out about new movies before everyone else. Comes highly recommended.

Film New Zealand: Official site for New Zealand movies. Loads about Lord of the Rings films because it’s Aotearoa’s largest production to date. Features exhaustive listing of Kiwiland locations used for LotR filming. Also visit Tourism New Zealand for details on movie locations, and plan your own Middle-earth adventure.

Lord of the Rings Movie Links: *** One of the most complete listing of LotR movie links.

Official LotR Movie Site: Official North American web site from New Line Cinema; launched in May 1999. Offers downloadable wallpaper, screensavers, even neo-medieval skins for your browser and MP3/mpg player. Official International sites are here.

Official LotR Fan Club: *** Official Rings fan club has loads of cool stuff, including how you can be listed in LotR’s movie credits (if you weren’t lucky enought to be an extra)!

Mines of Moria: Another LotR movie news site with daily updates.

The Old Forest: Well designed with general info on Tolkien, his books, and the movie trilogy.

The One Ring Net or TORN: Hosts official countdown clock to all the upcoming movies. Loads of up-to-date movie news, a message board, and much more. Spearheaded by Michael Regina, aka Xoanon. Now merged with Tolkien Online.

Planet Tolkien: All-in-one site similar to the Tolkien Archives.

Ringbearer: Dedicated to the new movies. News, a message board, pictures, and much more await the curious Tolkien fan.

Ringzone: Dedicated to the upcoming films, this site features the latest news, pictures, scoops and links. Runs some interesting polls.

TLotR: General info site, plus movie news.

Tolkien Sewer: LotR offshoot from CHUD.

Unofficial Fellowship Site: Good design with lots of movie news, multimedia files, etc.

Unofficial LotR Movie Site: Basically just reiterating the news from other major sites, but with some nice additions.


JRRT logotype and ***Amazon carries almost every book with Tolkien’s name on it, including a changing selection of first editions in the auctions category

Annals of Arda: *** Encyclopedia and Family Tree plus info about the books, images, music, lyrics, etc.

Barrow-Downs: Similar to the Tolkien Archives, all-in-one resource offering images, texts, links, and multimedia. (Unreachable)

Encyclopedia of Arda: *** A most complete catalog including dictionary of the places, people, and events of Middle-earth.

Grey Havens: Insightful content based on the books, as well as news updates.

Lord of the Rings Maps: *** Premier source for charts and maps of Middle Earth, the lands surrounding it, and the worlds beyond. (Unreachable)

One Ring: *** Compleat guide to Tolkien online resources with searchable index of every Tolkien site out there. Updated daily.

SirLinksalot Lord of the Rings Links: *** Loads of great Tolkien links to explore and enjoy. *** Harper Collins' official Lord of the Rings books site. Excellent source of background material to movie trilogy.

Tolkien Archives: *** One of the largest and most popular Tolkien sites on the Internet. Multimedia, audio, images, and downloads, etc. Closed by legal action.

Tolkien Network: *** Definitive network of Tolkien online sites makes this the Official Tolkien portal.

Tolkien Shop: Amazon may carry almost every book, but their selection easily beats it. Prices in Euros with easy global payment.

Tolkienist: *** Thousands of fascinating articles and essays for dedicated Tolkienists of all ages. Part of Tolkien Network.

The Cast & Crew

The Bastards Have Landed: Official site for Peter Jackson fanatics everywhere. If you've ever had a question about Peter Jackson (or Fran Walsh), then satisfy your curiosity and meet fellow PJ fans.

Aussie Cate Blanchett Online: Australian fan shrine offers filmography, images, interviews, and more.

Addicted to Cate: Another homage to this Oscar nominated (for Elizabeth) actress. (Unreachable)

Compleat Sean Bean: One of the best sources for Sean Bean info.

Faces and Voices of Sean Bean: *** Another great Bean fan site.

Frodo Lives! The Ancestors of Frodo Baggins: *** An excellent overview of Frodo’s genealogy, including Took and Brandybuck family trees.

Ian McKellen’s Official Site: Loads of comprehensive information about this renown Academy Award & BAFTA nominated actor and Knight of the Realm.

Lovely Liv Tyler Web Site: First-class fan site.

Tolkien Society: A must for any true fan. A huge library both on- and off-line as well as membership in the largest supporting body of Tolkien’s work in the world. The Los Angeles chapter hosts an annual post-Oscar party; in March 2002 it was attended by Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen, Richard Taylor... Remember to book your tickets early for Oscar night 2004!

The Music

Official Enya Website: Info and album listings from the musician behind May It Be and Aníron on the Fellowship soundtrack which can be heard here..

Official LotR Soundtrack Site: *** The Official Rings soundtrack site. Loads of Enya and Howard Shore details, song lyrics plus info on new material included on FotR Extended Edition DVD.


Dagorhir Battle Games: A live action war gaming society. *** Site dedicated to serving the fan base of MUME (Multi Users in Middle Earth), a highly accurate Tolkien MUD.

Middle Earth Stratics: Your source for news and discussion concerning the Middle Earth Online RPG game from Sierra.


*** There are many newsgroups dedicated to discussing Tolkien-related topics. Main groups to check are and rec.arts.books.tolkien.

*** There are numerous mailing lists and the Tolkien Society is a great place to start looking.

The White Council: *** Message board at

International (Non-English)

Official movie websites: French / Français | German / Deutsch | Spanish / Español | Brazil
Official movie websites: Italian / Italiano | Japanese | Korean | Dutch | Denmark | Finland
Official movie websites: Norway | Sweden | Czech | Hungary | Poland | Greece | Turkey

Arda - Tolkien’s Wereld: Dutch site with loads of info on In de Ban van de Ring as filmed in Nieuw-Zeeland. Includes coverage of De Reisgenootschap, and De Twee Torens.

Caltanet Cinema: *** One of best Italian Il Signore Degli Anelli sites. Excellent coverage of La Compagnia Dell'Anello, Le Due Torri and Il Ritorno Del Re films.

Eglarest: Huge Le Seigneur des Anneaux site, well worth checking out for excellent French language layout. Covers La Communaute de L'Anneau, Les Deux Tours and soon Le Retour du Roi.

El Anillo Unico: Good El Señor de los Anillos site for general Tolkien info in Spanish. Coverage of La Comunidad del Anillo, Las Dos Torres, and soon El Retorno del Rey. Details Nueva Zelanda El Señor de los Anillos locations.

El Señor de los Anillos Online: Argentinean site dedicated to Tolkien. Spanish.

Elostirion: French movie site with interviews, script rev, photos, Nouvelle Zélande info etc.

Der Herr Der Ringe Filmnews: Best Deutsche Der Herr Der Ringe movie site out there. Always up to date with the latest LotR breaking news from Neuseeland. Coverage of Die Gefährten, Die Zwei Türme, and Die Rückkehr des Königs in German.

L'anneau Unique: French film site with Cannes Festival spoilers and photos.

La Morada de Tolkien: Concerning everything Tolkien and Middle-earth, this site offers images, computer programs, and movie news and info.

The Lonely Mountain: Excellent Italian fantasy site dedicated to Tolkien.

Mordor - Kraina Cieni: *** Polish Lord of the Rings movie site.

Trilogia de El Señor de los Anillos: If you want to know all about the movies and you want to know it in Spanish - visit here.

Tolkiens-Welt: German Die Gefährten and Die Zwei Türme site with film news, picture gallery, interactive maps, online shopping, downloads, and discussion forum.

Lord of the Rings Movie: Polish LotR movie site where you'll find lots of interesting news, pictures, rumors, interviews, and more.


Entfirst: LotR movie reviews and features from UK perspective - rain permitting. *** Open forum in which J.R.R. Tolkien fans and scholars can discuss and debate a wide variety of topics.

Golden Fox Tours: Movie news from a tour guide in New Zealand who was an extra on the sets of Lord of the Rings.

Hobbit Name Generator: Create your own Hobbit name or see what your friend’s would be - loads of fun.

Legolas at Helm’s Deep: *** This fun Java game was created so all of us Tolkien fans would have something to do while waiting for the movies.

Lord of the Rings World: *** Everything Tolkien-related, with a futuristic twist on page design. Polls, links, movie news, and the only Tolkien file sharing program!

Lord of the Rings Page: *** General purpose Tolkien link directory.

Lothlorien Dreamscapes: A beautifully designed site featuring a wide variety of electronic Tolkien-inspired music and other media compositions.

Middle Earth Play-by-Mail: *** Lead armies, kidnap diplomats, solve riddles, sack citadels, and manipulate the markets in this fun play-by-mail game.

Middle Earth Miniatures: *** Collectible LotR figures and statues.

Middle-earth Star Map: Map of the skies of Arda.

Minas Morgul: A popular and graphically intense message board.

Mithril: *** Makers of miniature figures inspired by JRR Tolkien’s world.

New Dimension Games: New RPGs, new genres, and a medieval fantasy  game that is crafted to pay tribute to Tolkien. Worth a visit.

The One Ring: Good site for general Tolkien information.

Ovation Theater Company’s Fellowship of the Ring: *** Theater Company producing a licensed staged version of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Ring of the Rings: Tongue-in-cheek look at the variety of Rings sites out there :-)

Shadows of the Ring: General Rings info of a mystical persuasion.

The Shire Post: The official Post Office for The Shire and surrounding areas! Drop in and register your own Hobbit name and address today. Get your own toadstool here, hand-made by real Hobbits... *** An online Tolkien bibliography and comprehensive resource.

Tolkien Downloads: Excellent site chock full of every Tolkien download imaginable. You've got to visit this site.

Tyalie Tyelellieva: A good starting point to study the languages of Tolkien’s world. Everything from Black Speech to Quenya and more.

Wallpaper: Huge selection of free downloadable The Lord of the Rings wallpaper in a range of screen sizes, or check this LotR wallpaper site for alternates.

Varlar: General fantasy site with ties to The Lord of the Rings.

The Wrong Ring: *** Humorous site which boasts you'll find absolutely no accurate info on LotR movies there whatsoever... ;-)

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