2002 Two Towers Stamps Issue

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2002 Presentation Pack includes 18 different stamps
Presentation Pack

18 Two Towers stamps

PART TWO OF Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ring trilogy, ‘The Two Towers’ is better recognized as Die Zwei Türme, Les Deux Tours, Las Dos Torres, Le Due Torri, or De Twee Torens in non-english markets where it’s long been a best selling book. Peter Jackson’s second film garnered major film and audience awards, and with its two-stage DVD video release, was eagerly awaited by fans before the final Return of the King movie in December 2003.

Thumbnail of maximum postcards
Maximum Postcards

set of 6 cards

HONOURING THE SUCCESS of Weta/New Line’s massive seven year movie production (New Zealand’s largest to date), NZ’s Postal Authority issued a special Two Towers thematic range of gummed and self-adhesive stamps, first day covers, postcards, stamps booklets, miniature sheets, and presentation packs on 4 December 2002. Issued in limited numbers and aimed mainly at New Zealand stamp collectors, many of the more popular items were quickly sold out at larger NZ postal outlets.

2002 first day covers with miniature sheet stamps
6 Miniature Sheet FDCs

Meduseld First Day Covers

FORTUNATELY WE STOCK a full Two Towers range from individual stamps to complete sets such as the Full Set and Ultimate Collections containing one of every item produced. We can supply popular items including hard-to-find ones like the stamp sheets. Contact us for details or check our regular auctions on such popular venues as eBay. Additional official stamp issues featuring key characters and scenes were released to coincide with Fellowship of the Ring, and a final issue released on 5 November 2003 to commemorate Return of the King.

Two 2002 first day covers
First Day Covers set

Two Towers FDCs

DESIGNED AT WETA Workshop in Wellington by Sacha Lees, these stamp sets include a full-colour brochure containing extensive background information on these exciting stamp releases and the epic movies they honour. The New Zealand Post 2002 philatelic release of ‘The Two Towers’ was the only stamp issue endorsed by the film’s director, Peter Jackson and officially licensed by New Line Productions. Filmed entirely in the North and South Islands of New Zealand (see Ian Brodie’s Location Guidebook for details), Jackson’s LotR movie trilogy went on to win numerous film awards and accolades.

2002 Self-adhesive Stamp Booklet cover features Gandalf (Ian McKellen) examining the One Ring
Stamp Booklet

set of 10 self-adhesive

WE ALSO HAVE available ‘The Lord of the RingsFirst Day Postcards (Maxi Cards), First Day Cover Miniature Sheets, regular First Day Covers, Miniature Sheets, Stamp Booklets, Presentation Packs, Full Sets, Ultimate Collection, and sets of Gummed and Self-adhesive stamps - so check our occasional eBay auctions. Since these philatelics were only marketed in New Zealand and sold out earlier than anticipated supply is restricted to that on hand - don’t delay too long or you may be disappointed. They've already become increasingly desirable, scarce and expensive as more ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fans and collectors discover them.

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